Monday, February 8, 2010

Trip to LA: Senor G's and Juice, Playa Del Rey

This weekend we went down to Los Angeles and had a couple of breakfasts out in Playa Del Rey. I'm not really sure how I lived in LA for two years and never once went over to Playa. Now whenever we go to LA, this is where we stay because that's where our friends are.

On Saturday morning, we walked down to Senor G's. It's a juice bar/Mexican restaurant and has that beach-y vibe going on that seems to be going on anywhere you go in Playa. I liked the wall color and drink selection. 

We got some smoothies and a shot of wheat grass. Well I didn't have the shot of wheat grass, but I thought it looked kinda cool. I had the Strava - strawberry, banana, guava juice with fat free vanilla yogurt and ice. It was gooooood.                              
I like that they serve you chips and salsa, even though it is 10 AM. I bet if you had a hangover you'd really like that they serve you chips and salsa before 10 AM. The salsa is that really chunky kind, that isn't spicy but just really tomato-y. I like that in a salsa.
I forgot the name of this dish. It came with tortillas though.

I didn't take enough pictures of the food because we all wanted to get eating.    

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Katherine said...

PLAYA! Great post on a great place!

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