Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sunday Night Dinner: Pizzas

Every Sunday, we have a standing dinner reservation over at the Smiths'. We started this about six months ago when their baby was born, and we've kept this going over the last few months. This week's dinner was homemade pizza.  

I have to admit I don't have very much to say about the pizza making process because I was either taking photos or hanging out with a super cute 6 month old.  I think what happened was :

Dough was made, tomatoes were crushed
 ingredients were gathered up (in a very stylish way)
  and then finally the pizzas got prepped (click for better view):.
We had (left to right):
1. tomato/basil/mozzarella/parmesan
2. tomato/basil/spinach/mushroom/mozzarella/parmesan/prosciutto
3. tomato/cheddar/pear/basil
#3 would have been with gorgonzola, but I really don't like gorgonzola so they humored me and switched it to cheddar.

Here are the end results (click for better view):
I think #2 was my favorite. The saltiness of the prosciutto always makes for a great pizza, especially when there is also parmesan. #3 was also a hit - I wasn't sure how I'd feel about pear and cheddar on a pizza, but it was surprisingly good.  Interesting fact:  The first pizza we used some leftover dough from a previous pizza making night. It had been frozen and then defrosted, and I actually liked dough best. It had much more flavor than the fresh dough and a better texture as well.

Next week we are the ones cooking - I need to come up with a good follow up to this meal (especially since the last Sunday night dinner I cooked over there was such a bust!)

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sarah said...

YUM! I shouldn't have looked at this before lunchtime; My turkey sandwich looks lamer than ever!

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