Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dinner at Home: Bacon Sarnie (or British bacon sandwich, if you're not from 'ol Blighty)

This is another example of a British staple that a certain someone did not think you could get in America. There were many, many years that this someone mourned the loss of British bacon. And then one day we were in a little shop on Castro St (Healthy Spirits, if you're in the market for some British bacon) and there it was, in the frozen goods area. And there was much rejoicing in all the land.

Since that fateful day, bacon has been spotted in locations such as The Liberties Irish Bar in the Mission and Roxie's Market in the Sunset.

Tonight, British bacon was spotted in our kitchen. And for you, here is a step by step guide in how to make your own:

Step 1: Get your bacon out and cut 2 slices of white bread (can be any bread but "it tastes better on white bread").

Step 2: Heat up your pan on the stove with some oil and throw the bacon in with it. While that is cooking, butter your bread (bread is not to be cooked!)

Step 3: Take cooked bacon out of your pan and put it on your bread and watch the cool looking steam rise.

Step 4: Eat!


staci said...

Is this like British Gefilte Fish, where it is only good if you've grown up eating it? Or did you actually like it?

Sarah C said...

leisha and/or her parents (if they are visiting) make these all the time and call them bacon butties. yum!

Anonymous said...

That is Irish bacon not British bacon - there is a REAL difference

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