Sunday, February 14, 2010

Old Port Lobster Shack, Redwood City

Today we climbed up a (small) hill and then Kev had the awesome idea to reward ourselves by going to the Old Port Lobster Shack.  The Lobster Shack is approximately a 4 minute drive from where I work, yet I was only introduced to it last year. How did we not meet sooner, Lobster Shack?

Mmmm Manhattan clam chowder. How you've alluded me these past 8 years living in California. I'm so glad we found each other again.

We also got a cup of lobster bisque and a cup of New England clam chowder. Normally I'm not a fan of creamy soups, but I gave both of these a try and they were good! Also I love that they are served in these mugs. 

The owner of the place was very sweet and didn't mind me wandering around taking photos. He even took that giant lobster out of his tank so I could get a good picture. Thanks Russell!

Are you even reading anymore, or are you still looking at that picture of the lobster roll? I can't stop looking at that picture and wanting another one. You can order it "naked" - just the lobster meat, like I did, or you can get it dressed with mayo and seasoning, but the meat is so good and fresh I always just get it naked. And sometimes use some of that drawn butter on top. The two Brits ordered... fish and chips! Which was funny, because I felt like we were going to have this very American (ok well New England) style lunch and then they had fish and chips, but whatever. 

Unfortunately, we didn't order this lobster. I just wish we had.

1 comment:

staci said...

1. How are you not 1,000 pounds?
2. That lobster roll looks amazing. Sometimes, the small quantity of the lobster roll trumps the sheer amount of work required for a full lobster.

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