Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Fig Cafe, Glen Ellen

Over the weekend we had a great family brunch at The Fig Cafe.  Sunday was John's last day here, so we drove up to see the relatives in Sonoma County.

When Kev told me we where we were going to eat, and said "it's at some place with fig in it" I got really excited and shouted "The Girl and the Fig??!" but then had no idea where I knew it from or why I had wanted to go.

We ordered both breakfast and lunch from the menu, since it was already after 1:00 pm. I was torn between the two until I saw the soup of the day: winter root vegetable soup with truffle oil. Truffle oil? Sold! I also ordered the fig and arugula salad, with chèvre, pecans and pancetta in a fig and port vinaigrette.  The soup was made with parsnip, rutabaga and celery root, but I only really tasted the parsnip. It was really creamy and smooth, but I don't know that I would order it again. I think pureed soups are just not really my thing, even if they do have truffle oil. The salad was fantastic - our waitress told us it was one of three items that had been on the menu unchanged since the restaurant opened. 

The burger - with grilled onions and cheese - is another item that hasn't changed.  I'm getting hungry looking at this picture. 

Here's a fun fact about the Fig Cafe: they don't have a corkage fee.  Here's a fun fact about Kev's family: they bring their own champagne.  You've got to love a family that  brings their own alcohol and orders dessert at lunch.  You know, to have with their champagne. We ordered a whole bunch of different desserts, including poached pear cheesecake and fig and port ice cream.  The ice cream was a big hit - John loved it so much that he ordered a second bowl of it. Next time we can have it waiting in our freezer when he gets here - it's made by Ciao Bella.

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