Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday Night Dinner: Coq Au Vin

Even though we were supposed to cook this week, we once again had a lovely meal prepared for us. This week's recipe was Coq Au Vin, from this cookbook. So far everything out of this book has been a winner, and the coq au vin was no exception.

Usually while the meal is cooking, we have these bread sticks as a snack. The Smiths seem to have a never ending supply of these. They come from Noe Valley Bakery if you're wondering.  I hear that usually there is also cheese tasting pre-dinner, but somehow, even though there are only four of us, I  have been totally unaware that this has been going on. Next time I would like some cheese please.  And maybe a photo or two. 

I like how the table always looks so elegant at our dinners when really, the table top is just an old door! Throw in a few wine glasses and candles and you've got yourself a fancy looking table.

How have I never had this meal before? It was fantastic! Shallots + wine + garlic + butter... obviously this was going to be a winning combination. This is one of those dishes that I have wanted to make before, but all the steps in the preparation have put me off. After eating it though, I want to put it on my list of things I want to make in the future.

Because we were concenred that we hadn't consumed enough calories for one day, we followed up dinner with an apple pie, also from Noe Valley Bakery. The pie crust was much more cinnamon-y than I've had before, but I thought it really worked with the texture of the pastry.

There is something really nice about having these dinners as a way to cap off the weekend, and get yourself ready for the week.

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