Thursday, February 18, 2010

Charcoal Crackers

Not gonna lie, I only bought these because I liked the box and also, what is a charcoal cracker?
It turns out the point of the cracker is to be neutral, to be eaten with something else, and to let the flavor of what it's paired with to shine through.

And these crackers aren't just easy on the eyes: when I just checked the website, it also mentions that these crackers are good for "gastrointestinal distress".  Just in case you were wondering.

1 comment:

staci said...

As there is no mention of the taste, should I assume that this is like a review of a play where only sets are highly praised?

It is a shame because they look so much like an Oreo without the cream (and hexagonal).

Also, I am curious about the GI distress part, because charcoal is given to patients who have ingested toxins to prevent them from being absorbed and causing damage.

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