Sunday, January 31, 2010

SF Hot Chocolate: Cocoa Bella, Marina

We headed over to the Marina today to return some stuff over there. It was actually a really nice (no rain!) day, so we decided to wander around and we just happened to be walking past Cocoa Bella... so we figured we should try the hot chocolate.

I haven't been in Cocoa Bella before, and the display cases were impressive - really incredibly beautiful pieces of chocolate, more than I've seen in other chocolate shops.  For their hot chocolate, they let you pick what type milk and chocolate you want - dark, extra dark, milk or white. 

I picked the classic hot chocolate, with milk chocolate and skim milk (which I know, not really fair to compare a skim milk hot chocolate with the Christopher Elbow, full fat hot chocolate, but whatever). Kev got the raspberry hot chocolate with whole milk. They also had a bunch more flavors, like peanut butter and hazelnut and hot & spicy.

The drinks were slightly above average. The raspberry was interesting, but a little too much raspberry - just bordering on artificial. Mine was very chocolatey but also pretty thin - though not a fair comparison since it wasn't whole milk.

I have mixed feelings on this place. I feel like I should like it - the drinks were decent, the chocolates looked amazing. Something about it just seemed kinda off though.  The more I think about it, I feel like it is a cleverly disguised chocolate shop - where the prices, location and look of the store are trying to convince you it is a high end shop when really -  it's just average chocolate.

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