Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SF Coffee: Philz Coffee, Castro

I managed to leave the house this morning with enough time to stop at Philz for a coffee. My plan was to only stop if there was a parking spot. It was my lucky day because there was one right in front.

For a few years I would walk by Philz and never go in because... I am a font snob. But after hearing from so many people how great their coffee is, I gave in and tried it.  They have a whole bunch of different blends, and the girl who helped me was so enthusiastic about finding the one that she thought I'd like best.  The truth is I now like it more than Blue Bottle or Ritual, but man, I hate their design. Do a rebrand guys!
I have been ordering the Tesora lately - it is the house blend and is super tasty and not very acidic. They tell you in the store if it is your first time there, that is the one to order.

There was an older man standing next to me waiting for his coffee. When they handed it over to him, he took a sip and said, "What a gentle way to start the morning".  Maybe not exactly the words I would have used, but I can appreciate the sentiment.

1 comment:

Katherine said...

Word. Love the coffee, but have always hated the 90's logo.

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