Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lovejoy's Tea Room, Noe Valley

It was a Noe Valley weekend. We went to Lovejoy's this afternoon for High Tea with the (extended) family. I love that place, it's like you're in your grandmother's living room, if your grandmother was really into collecting tea pots, tea cozies and doilies.

When we first discovered this place, we were super excited, because when K and I first started dating, he'd always tell me how he wishes he could have me try a British cream tea, but alas, they do not have such things in America! Meanwhile, he was unaware that 2 blocks away was Lovejoys Tea Room.
We got a big selection of teas and tea sandwiches today since there were so many of us. The sandwiches are decent, but really what you want are the scones with the Double Devon Cream. The Brit says "it's not like off the farm, but it's pretty good". The American (me) says "more please!"

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