Sunday, January 17, 2010

Foreign Cinema Brunch, Mission

I met up with Heather this morning for brunch at Foreign Cinema. I haven't had brunch there in a few years and had forgotten how great their brunch menu is. I don't think there was anything listed that I didn't want to try. It was easy to narrow down the options though since Heather is vegetarian and we were going to share.

We decided on: mixed Fruit Salad with ricotta cheese, mint and pistachios and home made pop tarts! This one was cranberry, and there was also kumquat available today.

The pop tarts are great - really flaky, as was evidenced by all the tiny pieces on my black pants. I really enjoyed the salad too - loved the citrus with the mint and cheese. Pistachios aren't my thing, but easy to avoid.

We also split the lager and chanterelle omelet with truffle oil and cheddar. I think because I got so excited by the ingredients on the menu, I neglected to notice that it was an omelet. I never order omelets, because I usually think that the eggy part tastes dry and has a weird texture.  Usually if I see that on a menu and like the ingredients I ask them to scramble it.  Heather thinks I'm weird because she thinks the reverse is true - that scrambled eggs are dry. Annnyway, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the omelet was really creamy, and have I mentioned how I feel about truffles? Oh and the potatoes were amazing - nice crunchy outside, soft creamy inside.

I'll be back here soon!

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