Monday, January 18, 2010

SF Hot Chocolate: Christopher Elbow Chocolate, Hayes Valley

Today was raining and gray and the perfect day for hot chocolate. K humored me and agreed to leave the house (when I know that he would have preferred to stay in pajamas all day) so I needed the hot chocolate to be really good. Epic.

So we went off to Hayes Valley, to Christopher Elbow Chocolates, and we were not disappointed. K got the orange citrus and I had the European style.  They had many more to choose from too, including a Venezuela spice one that the guy working there said was their most popular - but I'm kind of a wuss when it comes to spicy, so I passed on that one.

It was nice to be able to taste the two different versions next to each other. The orange citrus was made with milk, and so it was more warm than hot. It was also creamier and lighter, with really subtle orange flavor - subtle enough that I had a hard time tasting it. K insisted it was there and "are you losing your taste buds?" Followed by "This is a triumph". Epic indeed!

The European style one I had was hot, since it was made with water and not milk (there is an Americana version that is made with milk if you prefer that). It was very, very rich, but not super thick, which is a good thing in my book. Sometimes when it is both really rich and really thick it's just too much. This was not too much, this was just right.

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