Monday, August 16, 2010

Boulette's Larder, Ferry Building

I've been wanting to try Boulette's Larder for approximately one million years but they don't do breakfast on the weekends. I finally made it there during the week and had breakfast for one.

I'm convinced the Blue Bottle coffee they served tasted better than getting it at the Blue Bottle store, which is just down the hall from Boulette's. I had a hard time deciding what to eat,  and was torn between poached eggs and the scramble with nettles, burrata and olive oil.   I picked the scramble, mostly because I will order anything that is served with burrata.  It was good, and I liked the combination of flavors and textures, but for the price I wanted them to be the best eggs of my life, and they weren't (those would be from either Mama's or La Note, in case you're wondering).  But if I happen to be at the Ferry Building between 8 and 10:30 Monday to Friday, I'd definitely go back.

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