Sunday, March 14, 2010

Beretta, Mission

I love having brunch at Beretta. I also love having dinner at Beretta, but for dinner there is usually a long wait to get in (though you can call ahead and put your name on the list, which is very convenient if you live just a few blocks away.)

Saturday was an amazingly bright, beautiful day. We walked over to Beretta, past the giant congregation of hipsters waiting to be seated at Boogaloos, and immediately got a table. When we walked in the bartender was juicing tons of oranges and grapefruit and bottling them up - for breakfast juice but I'd also guess for cocktails later on. Their cocktails are amazing. Too bad it was 10 AM, a little too early for me.

Anyway, who needs a cocktail when you can have a Bloody Mary, minus the alcohol and minus ice, which is the only way I like it, even though I get embarrassed every time I order it. Beretta also serves Ritual Coffee, brought to your table in the french press pot. It is very strange, but I always like Ritual Coffee better at Beretta than I do at the Ritual cafe.  This time I remembered to write down the name of the beans - Moreno Honduras.

We ordered the pizza carbonara, which I absolutely love.  I have to admit, when I first saw it on the menu - pizza with pancetta, eggs and mozzarella - I wasn't sold. Luckily the friends I was there with were more adventurous and ordered it, and now this is always what I order there. Kev and I shared the pizza and had extra slices to take home.  We both left full - of food and drinks - and spent only $25 for the two of us. Then we walked home - and there was still a line at Boogaloos.  I don't understand.

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Brittany said...

that breakfast pizza is one of my favorite things in the city!!! Love your pics - makes me hungry just looking at them :)

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